Chocolate Marbled Banana Bread

Chocolate Marbled Banana Bread
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Ever since we’ve all been quarantined (thanks COVID-19) I’ve seen more banana bread recipes coming across my feed than ever. And apparently it’s not just me. Banana Bread has suddenly “gone viral” in the baking world!

I’m not sure what started it. Perhaps everyone was bored and needing a little comfort. But why banana bread rather than chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls?

I don’t know for sure, but I imagine it is for the same reason I always make banana bread – because these children of mine who ate the 6 bananas I bought last week in an hour flat, find them repulsive this week.

Sigh…I simply cannot win the banana buying game!

To be honest, I cannot stand bananas unless they are in banana bread. When Lydia was a baby, I had to hold my breath just to peel a banana for her to snack on! I’ve made a lot of progress in that department, but take a bite of one? No, thank you!

Best Banana Bread

While I can’t stand eating a banana, I do thoroughly enjoy a warm slice of banana bread, fresh from the oven. There are enough “Best Banana Bread” recipes on the internet that you could probably bake one a day for months on end and still not get through them. (But hey, maybe it could be your quarantine project?)

I’ve made healthy versions, butter laden versions, versions with sliced bananas, versions with smashed bananas, even versions with no bananas! But my favorite has to be Chocolate Marbled Banana Bread. It’s just the right balance of decadent and pretending to be healthy.

After trying so many, I created this version that my family and neighbors all love. Add it to your list for next time your bananas go spotty!

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