Spiced Sweet Potato Fries

Spiced Sweet Potato Fries
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Is there any side dish kids like more than fries? I think most would love for fries to be the side dish to every meal. But if you’re anything like me you try, at least some of the time, to put healthier options in your kids bodies. I make spiced sweet potato fries that fit the bill perfectly!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have one kid who would rather eat roasted broccoli than fries any day of the week. But I think that’s pretty uncommon!

As I mentioned in my Summer Dinner Formula post, we eat a grilled meat, vegetable, and a carb side at least once a week during the summer months.

I don’t make these sweet potato fries quite as often as other things because they take a little longer to bake. However, if you have the time, they’re worth it!

Making the Sweet Potato Fries

First you’ll need to thoroughly wash your sweet potatoes. You can peel them if you prefer, but I’m vehemently opposed to peeling just about any fruit or vegetable. Mostly because I’m terrible at it.

At least I’m honest.

Once your potatoes are washed, cut them into french fry shaped pieces. To do this, I cut the potato in half horizontally, cut them into planks, and then turn and slice into fries.

Put all the sweet potato fries into a large bowl, cover in olive oil and spices. These spice amounts are very flexible. Generally I just eyeball it, but I measured them out this time to see how much I actually use. If there is something on the list you don’t have on hand or don’t prefer – skip it! I promise they’ll turn out fine.

Lastly, spread the fries on a sheet pan in a single layer and bake for 30-40 minutes. It’s important that they be in a single layer and on the top rack of your oven to really crisp up like fries. I turn mine at 20 minutes and can gauge how much longer they will need at that point.

If you want a little spice in your life, kick up the red pepper on these!

As a last plus to these, they’re delicious dipped in ketchup or ranch. What more could a kid ask for?!